July Roundtables in Chicago, July 16

CHICAGO — The Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable, which evolved out of the former Roundtables, is a discussion & social group for everyone 18 and over who is involved in, exploring, or curious about power exchange relationships. This includes M/s, D/s, Sir/ boy, and Trainer relationships, as well as relationships that defy labels but incorporate consensual power exchange. Attendees do not need to be actively in a relationship to attend, and all levels of experience (including none!) are welcomed.

This month, our topic is…

The Elephant in the Room: Mental & Emotional Illness in Power-Based Relationships

Over 20% of adults live with a diagnosable mental or emotional illness each year – yet it’s one of the topics that we avoid discussing in the BDSM & kink communities. Whether it’s the shame of living with or talking about issues, or the uncertainty of how the disclosure will affect our ability to have relationships, or the frustration of managing a power exchange dynamic when one (or more) partners deal with mental illnesses, we hesitate to open the conversations up with potential partners (and with our peers in the community). Join us for a discussion around how we handle our own or our partner’s mental and emotional challenges, how we can break down the shame and biases, and how we can better engage in power exchange relationships where a mental or emotional illness is present.

Full article at The Illinois Eagle.