Join Women’s International Leather Legacy Weekend 2016

Women's International Leather LegacyDALLAS — Women’s International Leather Legacy Weekend is an experience of history and energy in an atmosphere that allows magic to happen, or so the rumors say! August 5th – 7th, 2016 marks the 6th year, and this year is gonna be epic!

The weekend kicks off Friday morning with classes, followed by the Women’s Leather History panel. This year’s panel features an amazing group of women, Annie Romano, “Bootpig”, Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt, and Lady Faye, who will share their experiences, stories, and answer questions from the audience. Following the panel, join us for a good ole cook out by the pool! Then head on over to the meet-n-greet for your first opportunity to see the WILL 2016 contestants onstage and some super, hot entertainment. As if that was not enough for the day, wind down by the pool with the cigar social, que the cigar service and let’s Party! Or you could play double duty and crash the PJ party hosted inside the hotel bar area.

Saturday’s filled with classes and activities as well. Don’t forget that lunch is included in your package so you don’t have to miss a moment of the weekends activities. Saturday afternoon is filled with historical presentations by WILL 2016 contestants, Inside the Leather Jacket interview where Sarah Humble will be interviewing Judy Tallwing McCarthy, and then the finale of the night, the WILL 2016 contest with the Leather history interview presentations, pop questions and the WILL 2016 winner is announced!

Sunday features a full brunch with Keynote by Sarah Humble, American Leather Woman 1994 and co-founder of the Women’s Leather History Program, at the Leather Archives and Museums.

If that’s not enough… Let me tell you what is going on all weekend that you certainly just can’t miss out on… The Bootblack Lounge, featuring some amazing bootblacks all weekend. Please go let the Bubbas love on your leather! Starting Friday thru Sunday classes galore with amazing presenters, 20 Women’s only classes, 1 “all for one and one for all” class, and 6 classes just for the Men of WILL! The vending area will be open throughout the weekend with a variety of items that are sure to delight, tantalize and be welcome additions to your wardrobe or toy bag.

And last but not least… You do not wanna miss the “Living Room”! It’s right outside the main contest area, between Vending and the Bootblack Lounge, and it’s open for those cozy conversations, or perhaps you need to rest while your partner is still shopping/spending your money in the vending mart.

You don’t want to miss all this action and history for only $109! (Registration goes up to $129 July 1st)