Join Us @ GD2 for a Busy Weekend

Jerith & Wilson
Galleria Domain 2
Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – Celebrate summer at GD2! We have 3 scene rooms to play in, a social bar where you can find friends, and two lounges where you can relax and have intimate conversations.

Friday, June 29, 2012
Gender Identity Q&A w/ Das at 10 P.M.
Open to Members and Their Guests
Join us for a Fireside Friday Chat focused on Gender Identity with a 201 level introspective Q&A. Instead of exploring the basics of transgender issues, we will focus on the questions about everyone’s gender the very existence of transfolks raises. Das, who has done extensive professional study into Gender Identity, will talk about how it affects each of us, shapes our view of ourselves, and influences our interactions with our communities.

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Club Open for Play from 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.
Open to Members and Their Guests
Saturday is always busy at the club, and with the TNGC party this weekend GD2 is sure to be packed!  Join us to play, socialize, meet new people, and be your kinky self.

TNGC Party @ GD2 All Night
Open to Members and Their Guests
TNGC: The Next Generation Chicago will be out en masse to play and party at the club. They always bring a great, fresh energy with them, so if you are a GD2 member, it is a perfect night to come out and have fun! GD2 will be open for all members and their guests.

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