Jack Rinella @ The Warehouse 9/27-29

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Fetlife Event Page/RSVP

The Warehouse in association with MAsT Grand Rapids is proud to present- A Weekend with Jack Rinella.

Mr. Rinella is coming to West Michigan to share with us his knowledge, experience, and insight.  This will include 4 classes, one of which will be chosen by you!  That is right!  It is time once again for community choice!  (Community choice information is available if you visit thewarehousewestmichigan on facebook or our Fetlife group)

Also on the agenda, a Friday night meet and greet/book signing (books will be available for purchase) and TWO play parties!

This is a don’t miss event!

Who is Jack Rinella?

Jack Rinella, author of The Master’s Manual, The Compleat Slave, Partners In Power, The Toy Bag Guide to Clips and Clamps, Becoming a Slave, Philosophy in the Dungeon, The Dictionary of Scene-Friendly Terms, More from the Master, and The Dionysian Alliance is a free-lance writer, computer professional, and college instructor. A sought-after lecturer, Jack has presented across the country, including the Leather Leadership Conference, Black Rose, Bash at the Beach, The Leather Archives and Museum, Beat Me in St. Louis, Master’s Retreat, TES, Headspace in Bloomington, IN, PEER in Cincinnati, and Menamore Leather/Levi Club in Wilmington, NC, South Plains LeatherFest, and many, many more.

Born in upstate New York of Italian-American parents, he’s been a high school and college teacher, a drug rehabilitation counselor, a cook, a computer salesman, a Catholic seminarian, a Pentecostal minister, an advertising copy writer, a graphic designer, and has done stints at printing, publishing, telemarketing, head-hunting, and computer consulting.

He has been active in the Leather scene since 1983, is a founding member of MAsT-Chicago, an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and has written extensively about our lifestyle for nearly eleven years. He is a weekly columnist for Gay Chicago Magazine and his writing has also appeared in Drummer, in The (San Francisco) Sentinel, and in Philadelphia Gay News.

He lives on the North side of Chicago where he passes the time writing, cruising, and falling in love whenever he can. You can contact Jack at mrjackr@Leathermail.com or visit his web site at www.LeatherViews.com.

Schedule of Events

Friday 9/27

Doors Open at 8pm

Book Signing 8pm-9pm

Play Party 8pm-1am

Saturday 9/28

Doors Open at 130pm

BDSM Arithmetic: 2-330pm

Community Choice Class: 4-530pm

Dinner (On Your Own): 530-7pm

The Dark Side 7-830pm

Play Party to follow until 1am

Sunday 9/29

Doors Open at 1230

MAsT Grand Rapids Pot luck lunch and bonus class- Extreme Control: 1pm

Class Descriptions

BDSM Arithmetic- So you want to have a polyamorous relationship?  There is nothing more dangerous than adding a new person to an established relationship.  Let’s look at the pitfalls of more with an eye to fill in the potholes so that everyone benefits from the addition and we find ways to avoid the “subtraction” of broken hearts.

The Dark Side- What is dark?  Who knows what evil lurks in the human heart?  What are our forbidden fantasies and what do we do with them?  Leather allows a unique expression of our most inner personae, even the evil ones.  How do SM and sexual activity allow us to express the animal/demon/devil within?

How does it put us in touch with our basic instincts?  How does it allow us to express objectification, destruction, dread, and death?  How are we expressing primitive drives for initiation, maturity, and acceptance of self into our kinky community?

Extreme Control- What does the desire for control or being controlled mean to each of us?  Are there reasonable limits to dominance and submission?  Is full ownership or complete surrender possible?  This is a class on objectification, degradation, depersonalization and ownership.

Based on his two year search for an object, Jack will explore how superior a master can get and how low one can go into the world of slavery.

Cost- $22 for the Weekend

General Rules

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Playspace Rules

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2- Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) will be on duty to ensure playspace rules are enforced. DM’s have the final say in all situations regarding playspace rules.

3- Universal Safewords for The Warehouse are “Yellow” & “Red” Yellow indicates the need to check in, slow down, or pause. Red indicates the end of a scene. A DM or Staff Member of The Warehouse calling Red three times shall indicate that all play will stop immediately and attendees should await further instructions.

4- The playspace shall be clearly marked. All play shall be conducted in the playspace. No socializing in the playspace will be allowed.

5- No Gunplay

6- No watersports, scat, or vomit is allowed.

7- Following a scene, all furniture shall be wiped down with supplied disinfectant wipes. Should a scene use more then one piece of furniture, the previous piece must be wiped down IMMEDIATELY after it is finished being used.

8- Do not interrupt a scene. Do not enter another persons area of play without prior permission. Respect boundaries of those that are engaged in play.

9- Clean up thoroughly after Messy play (wax. blood, bodily fluids, ect) should Use plastic barriers or tarps and plan ahead for clean up.

10- Please limit time on a piece of equipment to 1 hour. This includes those who wish to use a piece for multiple scenes. We want everyone to have a chance to play. Should a piece of equipment remain open after a short period of time, you are then welcome to return to it for another scene.

11- Please notify the Dm’s of any take down or “aggressive” scenes.

12- Do not move dungeon furniture. Should you need something specific for a scene, or modifications to the playspace we will try to accommodate you, but we can not make a guarantee. Please contact a DM or staff member should you need help or have a request.

13- No food will be allowed in the playspace. No drinks other then bottled water (provided) shall be allowed in the placespace.

14- Anyone who is visibility impaired or in the judgement of the DM intoxicated shall not be allowed to engage in play.

15- Only one person may be seated/laying on a table at a time.

The Warehouse reserves the right to refuse membership/admission without reservation. The Warehouse is not responsible for lost or stolen items. The Warehouse reserves the right to amend its rules and will make every attempt to notify attendees ahead of time should an amendment take place.