ISO CHICAGO ftm, mtf, femme boi or butch MODEL for fine art and healing


Hi Chicago kinksters,
I am a fine art artist who focuses on painting portraiture. I just lost a good friend who was an ftm. He modeled for me, was my muse, and always sent some serious inspiration my way.
I am looking to make a series of artworks as a tribute to him.

I am looking for someone in Chicago who is interested in being my muse, inspiration, and is willing to help me cope with my pain through the creation of some fantastic fine art.

I will enjoy any responses for interest, however I will probably be trying to match some of his major features. I am interested in finding someone who is somewhere closer to the middle of the physical androgyny spectrum, perhaps even a bit closer to the female spectrum of traits. Someone with Boi-ish looks is best. Someone slimmer to avg would be great too. He was white with a slight mix or ethnicity to him. My preferences lean towards an FTM who is midway through transition, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you are seriously interested and not an FTM as sexual contact is not a component of this project. You may be a cis male or cis female. You may be a slave/sub who is transferred for this project by their Dom. You may be a lesbian who is more butch, or a trans female who is less masculine or intersex or gay, or whatever on the beautiful pansexual spectrum. Of course, I have preferences, but nothing is set in stone. I simply want to heal happily and make some gorgeous artwork.

My studio is on the northside of the city. We do not need to meet in the studio. I may work from photographs, I may work from life, or both. This will be longer than a one time session.

My artwork abilities are vast and varied, and may be expressionistic without reflecting exactly what you look like, or it may be realistic and people may recognize you. Please be comfortable with this project as I may end up showing it in public forums and the images may be available online or distributed in the press. I may choose to focus on only portraiture or I may create nudes that are classic or highly erotic. The show may be gender neutral or it may be highly focused on gender issues. If you are not comfortable with any aspect of this please inform me what you might not be willing to do. I will respect your anonymity, although I am looking for a muse, and inspiration with some healing so please forgive me if I choose someone who is assistive in this manner.

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