IPAHW moves to bigger space for next week

ST. LOUIS — IPAHW is pleased to announce that we have a little problem. The problem is that we aren’t little any more. The tremendous response we’ve had from the community for our first-ever joint event has been enormous!

The space that we had planned to be in is too little!

Anyone who has been to IPC in St Louis is familiar with JJ’s Clubhouse. They have been amazing supporters of our community for many years.  As amazing as they are, they understand that their space is limited.  So, after much deliberation, we have made the decision to split the event into two spaces.

JJ’s will still be the AWESOME host of the Thursday night Titleholders’ Party & welcome mosh, the Friday night Meet and Greet, the Friday night portion of the contest, and the Saturday night portion of the contest.  However, the rest of events:  the classes, the ballpit, the ARF!cade, the pillow pit, the endless mosh,  the midnight pool party, the IPTC Show Ring competition, the Keynote Dinner, the Victory Brunch, and (most importantly) our amazing vendors will all be located in the host hotel:  The CityPlace St.Louis, Downtown.