IPAHW announces 2018 plans

ST. LOUIS — The joint Board of Directors for International Puppy Contest (IPC) and International Puppy and Trainer Contest (IPTC) are pleased to announce our plans for the second annual International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAHW).

IPAHW will return to St Louis for the second year. Despite our original plans to have the event in Dallas, St Louis offers some benefits that Dallas could not. The first of these is geographical proximity. St Louis is within driving distance of nearly one quarter of the continental United States, including 14 US cities. Beyond the location, a price check discovered that St Louis International Airport is less expensive to fly into from every major US market, except the Southwest, of course. Finally, we were able to move the event to a recently renovated hotel and conferencing center for roughly the same prices as last year. IPTC has no desire to leave our Texas supporters without an event, and we are currently in discussions to create a regional feeder contest in Texas.

We are excited to announce that IPAHW 2018 will be totally enclosed in the St Louis Crowne Plaza, near the airport. This move affords us free shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as free service to St Louis’ regional ground transportation. This allows for inexpensive transportation to downtown.

Remaining in St Louis for another year allows IPC to continue it’s support of JJ’s Clubhouse. Although the contests will be in the host hotel, JJ’s will still host the Meet and Greet and will serve as the primary stop in the annual Pup Crawl. JJ’s will also remain our official bar for after-contest events.

Moving the contests into a hotel environment has several advantages for the weekend. Primarily, it allows us to pack more events into the allotted time. Beyond that, being self-contained in a hotel allows us to make this event 18+, instead of 21+.

Registration is now open at IPAHW.com. The room prices are $119 per night. The weekend event pricing increased by $5 over last year, but the organizers believe that a $30 registration fee is still incredibly competitive. This price increase reflects the move to an enclosed event, saving everyone on weekend transportation costs.

There will be many announcements to be made at IPAHW.com over the next few months.