Iowa’s Blazing Saddles Receives Threatening Letter

The threatening letter that was received by Blazing Saddles today. (Photo supplied by Jeremiah Morris)

The threatening letter that was received by Blazing Saddles today. (Photo supplied by Jeremiah Morris)

DES MOINES – Des Moines’ Blazing Saddles bar, home for much of Iowa Leather Weekend, received a threatening letter today containing white powder.

KCCI in Des Moines reported that the FBI was investigating the letter. Capital City Pride, the organizer of the city’s Pride Parade, said the powder turned out to be baby powder. Blazing Saddles is a long time supporter of the parade.

Capital City Pride released this statement this afternoon:

Today, a part of Des Moines’s LGBT community faced a threat from an unknown source. A letter was sent to the Blazing Saddle with a white powder included in the envelope. Authorities were called and we are very happy that it was only baby powder. Fortunately none of the Blazing Saddle’s staff or patrons were injured in this incident! We would like to thank all of the officials that acted swiftly to resolve this matter. The investigations by federal & local organizations are on going at this time.
If this letter was trying to scare us into hiding, to make us too scared to use the right, everyone’s right, to spend our time and money to patronize businesses & events in our own community- this letter has failed. All of the Board members and supporters of Capital City Pride hope it does exactly the opposite. At a time when we are seeing many new laws working against the equal rights of our community in many states across this great nation, we want our community to know that we are here and ready to rally for each other. We are one community and today is a clear reminder that no matter how great our differences, we were built on love, understanding and support for each other.
The Pride march in Des Moines started with the owner of the Blazing Saddle, Robert “Mongo” Eikleberry, and a few other brave souls as they marched to the Capital Building here in Des Moines to protest for equality for members of this community. Today we are reminded what it means to be “Mongo Strong”, “Saddle Strong” & “Pride Strong”. Today we are reminded so much why this year’s theme is “Back to the Heart”. We already know our great community will help show all Iowans what the word strong means- as we lift each other up to rise above such hateful words.

Tonight we want to invite our entire community to stand strong together and show the world that we are many voices working together as one for the equality of all members of our community. We are inviting you to show the world that we are all Mongo strong!

Tonight, turn out at our Bartender’s Review to show to all Iowans you support each other, you are strong, you are loved and you are there to support the Blazing Saddle and all members of Iowa’s GLBT families who have been insulted by today’s incident.

Capital City Pride has no intensions of moving any of our planned events. Our pre-show cocktail hour will continue on at the Blazing Saddle at 6pm and the Bartender review show will run as planned at the Garden Night Club at 9pm. We look forward to seeing you all!