Introduction to Cigars: Cigars for the Cigar-Curious, Take 3

Blue Havana, home of Cigar Chicago smoker.

Blue Havana, home of Cigar Chicago smoker.

CHICAGO – I did this class back in April, and it was a success – so while we still have Blue Havana one more time, I thought I’d re-run the class.

Are you interested in cigars but are intimidated by the idea of going to a cigar event? Cigar-curious? Have some friends who are? Just worried you’ll smoke it wrong, will feel awkward, will light the wrong end, that you might get sick smoking a cigar? Do you think cigars might be for you but you’re just not sure? Is a little experience all that’s keeping you from trying out a cigar social?

If you said yes to any of those things, then this class is here just for you.

This class will cover the basics of cigar handling – how to cut and light a cigar, how to feel at ease holding it, and how you take care of a lit cigar. We’ll talk about how to smoke it (and how not to), and what to look for and enjoy from your cigar. This will be hands-on, and the cost will cover a cigar for you to try out in class.

This class will be very low-pressure and informal, open to anyone 18+, and is a great opportunity for anyone who’s interested to give cigars a try. No experience or followthrough necessary. It will run for an hour prior to the Cigar Chicago smoker on April 6th, in a private room at Blue Havana.

If you decide you enjoy it, you are more than welcome to stay for the smoker afterwards. (…

Please check “I’m Going!” on the event page if you’re planning on attending so we can have an idea of how many cigars to have on hand.

Here’s the event page:

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