Intro to GD2, Sun., Feb. 26

Intro to GD2

2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Galleria Domain Two (GD2)
Chicago, Illinois
RSVP preferred but not required
Open to All 18+ w/ID
You do NOT need to be a member of GD2 to attend.
Please send RSVP’s to and include your first name. Confirmation of your RSVP with GD2’s address will be sent via email.
Fetlife event page to let other Fetlifers know you are or may be going and to help get the word out.
Hosted by Wilson and Jerith, this introduction includes a tour of the space, a short presentation about what GD2 has to offer, and a review of some of GD2’s most important policies. Afterward, we’ll continue with an in depth Q & A and discussion about all things GD2.
Whether you are brand new, have been around a while and want to learn more about GD2, or are just curious about the changes that are coming to GD2, this is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions.
Join us to find out everything you’d like to know about GD2!
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