Interview with EvilleToyMaker

One of the toys made by EvilleToyMaker. (Photo by ArcAnge1)

One of the toys made by EvilleToyMaker. (Photo by ArcAnge1)

EVANSVILLE – The next group in the local area to showcase is Club Taboo Marketplace. This group was created earlier this year with the intent of bringing vendors of kink items to the Fetlife community. Club Taboo Marketplace was co-founded by EvilleToyMaker. I had a QA session with EvilleToyMaker being a leader of the group I wanted to get a better understanding of the group and the man who helps run it. I hope you see the passion he gives to his local community, and his zeal for BDSM practitioners to have good equipment to use, not just mass produced items.

Arcange1: How long have you been in the lifestyle?
EvilleToyMaker: “I’ve only been in the lifestyle for two years however, my wife came into the lifestyle with me and we been married for twenty years and counting.”

Arcange1: What roles do you take on personally in the lifestyle?
EvilleToyMaker: “I play Switch, Sadist, Masochist, and Slut.” (Reporter’s Note: I can you tell this shows not only in his work, but the quality of his items.  )

Arcange1: Your Fetlife name how did you come with it and is there any meaning?
EvilleToyMaker: “My Fetlife name come about by putting where I was born, raised, and still live Evansville, Indiana as an abbreviation (Eville). I am a toy maker. Hence the name EvilleToyMaker besides it’s much easier to say than my first pet name which was HDFXD.”

Arcange1: What influences your taste in the toys you make?
EvilleToyMaker: “My taste in what I make in toys which is based upon how a toy feels in my hand, and how it will sting and bite on the skin. I make good quality toys that are made to put out and put up with abuse.”

Arcange1: Best advice you ever received?
EvilleToyMaker: “Good question. So far it would have to be I’ve ever been given was do not live your life in fear.’”

Arcange1: One thing everyone should know about you that they don’t.
EvilleToyMaker: “One thing that everyone should know about met that probably don’t is my toys are one off originals. No two toys are alike, and I’m always striving to make them greater.”

Arcange1: I’m curious what are your thoughts on a local community council to bring the community together?
EvilleToyMaker: “My thoughts on a council for local leaders is would be great if we could all get along work together to teach and have exciting kinky times!”

Arcange1: What your favorite piece you created so far?
EvilleToyMaker: “I have two favorite pieces I’ve made the first is a pink paddle I made for a friend PluntonionDragon. the other is a little bit of I suppose a man’s balls behind him and looks like a fun from behind.”

Arcange1: Are you working on anything right now?
EvilleToyMaker: “I have been working on is my own version of a glider sex machine.”

Arcange1: Lastly, what is your favorite food and color?
EvilleToyMaker: “Favorite food is chili. My favorite color is the absence of color, aka black.”

If you are on Fetlife check the group out as of this column we are growing the group with 990 members. Always looking for vendor’s aka sellers. There are no requirements for membership to the group. Again the goal of the group is to have quality items to be used in your bedroom, scenes, or BDSM fetishes. I would personally like to thank EvilleToyMaker for sharing and answering my questions. In closing I will share a picture of one of his paddles. Next month, I will feature another local group with 10 different questions.