International Puppy Contest announces move to Saint Louis, MO

Saint Louis, MO – This past weekend was the Midwest Leather Weekend at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill and not to overshadow that, there was a major announcement that was a made that stunned the crowd who then erupted into a huge round of cheers and applause. The International Puppy Contest will be moving to Saint Louis and making it’s home at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill for at least the next 5 years beginning in 2014.

International Puppy Contest (IPC) has been held in Tampa with the 2013 contest being held over the November 8-10, 2013 weekend at the Flamingo Resort and with this annoucement, the 2014 and future contests will be held at the Bad Dog Bar & Grill in Saint Louis on the 3rd weekend in July.

From the IPC Executive board – This is one of the first occasions that Saint Louis and the Bad Dog Bar & Grill will be home to an international contest. We wanted the contest to have a central US presence and the venue chosen give us some amazing space and possibilities. Saint Louis offers many airline, rail and bus travel opportunities along with several freeways converging there. It’s a very historic city with awesome attractions for those that wish to venture out including many things like museums and the zoo all offering free admission. It’s our plan to have a full weekend of events including parties, classes, demos and more!

We want to see the Puppy Community continue to grow and unite and we want to work with all puppy and Handler clubs, events and ALL contest to help cross-promote and make sure those that are part of the community have opportunities here and worldwide to spend time with other like minded individuals and have fun in a safe environment.

Stay tuned to the Great Lakes Den for more information as it becomes available!

International Puppy Contest moving to Saint Louis in 2014

International Puppy Contest moving to Saint Louis in 2014