International Power Exchange contest

Via press release

The new International Power Exchange contest will be held during the weekend of April 26 – 29, 2012 at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

IPE is open to any set of two or three people (over 21 years of age) regardless of gender or sexual preference who have been in a power exchange dynamic for at least 1 year and are not a traditional Master/slave pair. For example, you can enter as a: Dominant/submissive, Femdom/property, Handler/puppy, Daddy or Mommy with a boi/boy/girl, Sir/Ma’am with a boi/boy/girl/little and the list goes on.

We are very excited to announce that our emcee for this contest will be the incomparable Utah Rox (International Mr Olympus Leather 2010). Our esteemed judges will be Daddy Mikey (International Mr Olympus Leather 2004), Mark Frazier (ILSb/ICBB Producer), Triskelan, Douglas “D” Pamplin (Mr Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011 & 1st Runner Up Intl Mr. Leather 2011), Mistress Susan (International Master 2006), Big Red and boy edward (Master Raul Mendez’s boy).

The contest has been designed to be fair to all contestants regardless of what type of power exchange dynamic they have. The judging will be based on how well you articulate to an audience, your interactions with each other, your ability to teach a skill based on your dynamic and how you present yourself. Although this is not a leather contest, it is open to all people in the leather and kink communities.

The winners will have the opportunity to travel around the country giving demos and classes on the aspects of their dynamic. Beyond Leather will offer a travel fund to help subsidize travel expenses for the winning pair. Contestants only pay $50 each for their entry into the contest and then their event fee is waived. Please contact chris (Miss Rae’s pet) at with any questions. Or please join the FetLife group “International Power Exchange”. There is a post there with Frequently Asked Questions. Applications are available at