International Power Exchange Contest Producers Announced

FORT LAUDERDALE – Beyond Leather is proud to announce the producer region family for the International Power Exchange contest held May 1-4, 2014 in beautiful Fort Lauderdale FL.

Click here for more information on this outstanding 4 day event filled with positive energy:

Florida Power Exchange – Daddy Michael and Amaia

The Web is proud to announce they are host to the Florida Power Exchange contest (FPE) which will be held Sept 27-29, 2013 in Clearwater FL. The producers are Daddy Michael and Amaia. They have been actively involved in the community doing presentations and classes, as well as running their local group A Little Kinky in Florida.  They have presented at numerous meetings throughout the state of Florida, as well as events such as Beyond Leather and SELF. Mistress Spider and her submissive Sal are the directors for the FPE. Mistress Spider has been a strong Fem Domme presence in her local community hosting fetish nights for Fem Domme’s to come out and support each other as well as providing support and mentoring new members coming into the community. The FPE coordinators are Edwin Da Freak and Roo.  Edwin runs the successful Fet Circuit held in Ybor City each month and Roo hosts monthly meetings on the Poly relationship dynamics.  Click here for the website: and all updated information!

Southeast Power Exchange (Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama) – Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams, owner of INCOGNITO started in the Metro Atlanta community in 2008 when he joined a local lifestyle community munch group. Years later Marcus decided to open and run his own commercial dungeon, Club AREA 51. Club AREA 51, a sex positive community dungeon, opened its’ doors in October of 2010 until July 2012. Marcus has attended various power exchange courses, seminars and Dungeon Monitor training events. Marcus is currently an active member of the Atlanta Mentors Program and will be re-opening his club under the name INCOGNITO in the summer of 2013 in Atlanta.

Marcus Williams and assistant director’s Lord Cailleach from The OASIS Gathering and MiLady Amazon, Metro Atlanta’s Pro Domme are very proud to bring you this year’s first annual Southeast Power Exchange contest. This year’s Southeast Power Exchange contest will be held November 29- Dec 1, 2013 during INCOGNITO’s SACRENALIA event and is open to everyone who lives in a power dynamic in the States of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. The contest is open to couples, triads and households. Everyone of any gender or identity who has a power dynamic is welcome to participate. The Southeast Power Exchange is a feeder event to the International Power Exchange Contest held at Beyond Leather. Click here for the website:

Heart Of Texas Power Exchange – Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for almost 30 years and has a huge passion for teaching workshops on various topics throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He considers himself an activist and educator for the LGTB and Kink Communities. Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs and had also served as a Leather Titleholder. He has also held board positions and memberships on numerous, prominent local, regional and International organizations. Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades. He currently resides in Dallas Texas where is co-owns and manages the Dallas Eagle Leather Bar.  Stay tuned for further contest information coming soon.

Great Lakes Power Exchange (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan) – boy john and Ms Kendra

boy John is honored to have been selected the Indiana Leatherboy in 2004 and 2007, and Mr Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2009. He has been active in the leather community for 10 years. Ms Kendra has received the Pantheon Leather Woman of the Year award as well as the Ms Leather Pride Indiana 2006 and the Indiana Ms Olympus Leather 2000 titles. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance, which is a once a year event held in Indianapolis, Indiana. We hope that the formation of the Great Lakes Power Exchange contest will open new doors for those in the community as they share their unique power exchange relationships. The first Great Lakes Power Exchange contest will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana the weekend of Nov 8-9, 2013 at the 501 Eagle Bar. Those living the following states are able to compete in the Great Lakes Power Exchange contest: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan. Please contact boy john here: and Ms. Kendra here:

New York Metro Power Exchange (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania) – Sir Guy

Sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society

Sir Guy is the producer of the New York Metro Power Exchange Contest covering New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The Eulenspiegel Society is proud to announce that it is the sponsor for the New York Metro Power Exchange Contest.

Sir Guy is a lifestyle Dominant who has been publicly active in the BDSM/Leather/Fetish community for close to ten years. He is an Emeritus Board member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and its’ Media Representative. He is a BDSM educator, having presented at diverse venues such as Beyond Leather, Black B.E.A.T., Black Rose, Brimstone, Conversio Virium (the Columbia University BDSM group), Dom Sub Friends (DSF), The Floating World (TFW), Knot for Everyone (KFE), L.I.F.E. in Nassau, Long Island Leather and Roses (LILNR), Niagara Fetish Friends (NFF), TES, TES Fest, and The Society. He is on faculty at Kink Academy. He has also served on the Boards of New York Leather Town Hall and New York Leather Weekend. In addition he has participated in education forums at Rutgers University. Please contact Sir Guy here for more information:

Rocky Mountain Power Exchange (Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado) – Kirk and Grace

Kirk, known as Capt Kirk, is a Colorado native and has been active in BDSM since 1973. Gracehas been actively involved in the public scene since early 2000, including communities in Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and Colorado. As a pair, Kirk andGrace are the founders and facilitators of the Fort Collins, CO munch groups. They are members of the Denver Sanctuary, MAsT Fort Collins and a charter member of the NLA-Colorado chapter. Grace also serves as the chairwoman of LeatherMagick, and organization devoted to giving back to the Colorado BDSM, Fetish and Leather community. With a diverse community in the Rocky Mountain Region, they hope that the Rocky Mountain Power Exchange Contest will provide an opportunity to showcase a variety of power exchange dynamics in the region. The vision for this title contest is to expand to a multi-day events in the near future. The first Rocky Mountain Power Exchange will be held Dec 7, 2013 at Voodoo Leatherworks in Colorado Springs. The following states are able to compete in the Rocky Mountain Power Exchange contest: Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah. Click here for more info:

Pacific Coast Power Exchange (California, Nevada, Oregon) – Phil August

The SF Citadel is proud to produce the Pacific Coast Power Exchange Contest. The SF Citadel is in its tenth year in San Francisco. The Pacific Coast Power Exchange contest will be held Dec 7, 2013 and is the feeder contest to the International Power Exchange Contest at Beyond Leather. The SF Citadel and it’s owners, Phil Derby and August Knight along with a team of volunteers headed up by our contest director Rachele Sullivan. The contest is open to everyone who lives in a power dynamic in the states of Oregon, California and Nevada. The contest will be held at the SF Citadel Community Center in San Francisco. It is open to couples, triads and households. Everyone of any gender or identity who has a power dynamic is welcome to participate. See website here:

Phil started in the community in 1989 when he joined the Society of Janus. He was the Orientation Director and then the Outreach Director. It the early 1990’s he met August Knight in one of the local dungeons and they clicked. Phil and August started Fandango Parties after the SM Community Exchange and in 2003 opened the SF Citadel. Phil identifies as a top and a daddy. August came into the community as a bottom but soon found her top side. She also joined the Society of Janus and was the hotline director and party director for two years before starting Fandango Parties with Phil. She was the Leather Marshall for the 2011 San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade’s Leather Contingent.