International Mr. Leather Weekend raises $60,000 for the Leather Archives & Museum

CHICAGO – The Leather Archives & Museum announced today that during the International Mr. Leather weekend the Leather Archives & Museum raised $60,000 toward the 2012 operating budget.  In addition to donations from visitors to the IML Leather Market, funds were raised at a silent auction, and a roast of the outgoing International Mr. Leather Eric Gutierrez and International Mr. Bootblack Jim Deuder.

Executive Director Rick Storer said “International Mr. Leather is an important fundraising vehicle for the museum, with a total budget of $220,000 about 25% of our support comes from this weekend. The success of IML 2012 combined with the ongoing support of our membership will enable new exhibits and additional focus on our digitization efforts.”  In addition to fundraising events, approximately 350 people toured the museum during the weekend.