Info on Tribe Remembrance Day

As part of a group of clubs and bars nationwide, the Chicago Leather Club is organizing the Chicago participation in the TRIBE DAY, a Day of Leather Remembrance and Celebration on Friday, September 23rd, the first day of autumn in the United States. Autumn is a season of change and death, as well as a celebration of Life and nature. We all have lost friends and family within our Leather Community, and as a community. As a community, we can come together to ensure those lost are memorialized and the lives of our deceased brothers and sisters can be treasured, remembered and celebrated.

Together with the Leather Archives & Museum and participating local leather bars, CLC will be providing a space and remembrance for those that want to come and share stories, remember and celebrate the lives that we’ve shared and lost. There will be a memory book and materials provided if you want to write a note or share a photo – all materials will be turned over to the Leather Archives & Museum following TRIBE Day to become a part of their collection.

We welcome any and all leatherfolk, clubs and organizations that want to come join us as a community, as a tribe and rejoice in what we’ve shared and what we can pass on.

This gathering is simply to give those who’ve lost someone in their leather circle a chance to get out, have a beer or sit down and have a moment to be with others, to share in some closeness and togetherness and to share the memories and lessons from those who’ve passed on. Low key and no pressure.

The book is there if someone wants to memorialize their lost one, leave a note, poem, quote or just simply name and dedication. If they want to leave a photograph or newspaper clipping or something that they’d like to pass on to the LA&M. The book is just a way of having a place to make sure the memories are kept and passed on.

If you can attend a remembrance in your town (I know for sure of one in NYC on the same date) then please do so. If you can come to one of the Chicago locations (LA&M, Touches, The Hole), please do. Even if just for a beer. You won’t be alone.

From 5 to 7pm, the Remembrance will be at the Leather Archives & Museum, with trips to the local leather bars afterwards from 8 to 1am (We’ll be at Touché from 8 to 10, and at the Hole from 10.30 to 12.30am).

For more information, please contact us at