Indianapolis Kink Society’s Beauty and the Geek, July 10

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Kink Society presents Beauty and the Geek! Come join your favorite kinksters Friday July 10th for a night of geek culture and princess overload. Two dollar cover at the door, 21 and over with valid ID at the 501 Eagle in downtown Indy. Cosplay of all varieties and sexy fetish wear encouraged, but not required. Street legal at all times, and please remain fully covered downstairs.

Enjoy the complimentary gamer food table stocked with beef jerky, chips and dip, cookies, and other snack foods downstairs. The One Game Table to Rule Them All makes a triumphant return this month!
Travel to an alternate universe upstairs where the kinky fun happens. Bring your light saber out for the night and join the dark side. Roll the dice by watching or participating in a sexy scene, and take a turn in the Tardis grope box. Make sure to purchase shots from the sexy shot sluts, tip the friendly bar staff well, and have cash for our vendor of the month: PD Kilts!

“Sorry Mario, but your Princess is another Dungeon.”

Bring your favorite princess or fandom to the party. Expect sightings of super heroes, villains, zombies, aliens, Anime, Brown Coats, RPG characters, and much more. Whichever geek or princess flag you fly, put a sexy spin on it and come out to join IKS for our Beauty and the Geek Party!

As always: CONSENT IS THE SEXIEST THING YOU CAN BRING TO ANY PARTY. Cosplay is not consent. Please remember to ask and receive explicit enthusiastic consent before you touch anyone or anything.

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