Indianapolis Kink Society presents: Self Suspension Workshop w/Suki – 8/6/16

INDIANAPOLIS — Please join  on Saturday, August 6th for an all-day self suspension workshop at the 501 in Indianapolis.

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Self Suspension Workshop w/ Suki
Saturday, August 6, 2016

Here are some things that we’ll cover:

– General safety
– Correct muscle engagement & form to help prevent injury.
– Basic single column ties, applications for each.
– How to tie a basic chest/body harness, and how to adapt it for what you want to do.
– How to tie 2-3 basic hip harnesses, and the merits and limitations of them.
– Upline tying and management.
– Strength & flexibility conditioning exercises to increase what your body can do in rope.
– Planning longer sequences & mid-air transitions.
– Developing proprioception, positioning and moving your body in the air in rope.

Skill Level:

I will attempt to scale the content to the rope skill level, and physical ability of all participants. A little prior experience with tying rope will be helpful, but isn’t 100% necessary. Everyone will learn how to spot for self suspension, and all ties will be practiced with spotters for everyone’s safety.

You will need to bring:

– 6-8 bundles of rope (preferably hemp or jute) 6-8mm in diameter and 6-8m in length. A few half length/shorter pieces can also come in handy.
– Appropriate load rated hardware. Minimum: a handful of carabiners. Optional: suspension ring or rigging plate, swivel, round slings.
– Safety shears or rescue hook
– Yoga mat or blanket
– Light lunch or snacks
– Water bottle


Suki has been into kink her entire adult life, and an active member of the public community since 2009. Her primary passion is Japanese style rope bondage, whether it is being tied, teaching, tying, or performing. She was a co-founder and collective member of Indy Rope Group, and has presented on rope and other kinky topics for various regional groups over the years. An aspiring aerialist, she can be found hanging around Indianapolis via rope and other apparatuses, or creating through design, photography, fabric, or the written word.