Indianapolis Kink Society Board Meeting Notes

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Kink Society held their quarterly open board meeting this past weekend at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis. The notes from the meeting are below.

All five members of the board, ILoveLamp, ftb, LeavingMyShell, RedHeadLover and Gynan were present. Also in attendance were several of the regular IKS active members, including @CP who thoughtfully brought chips. The following is an annotated recounting of the meeting discussion points.

2014 Recap
-1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday Sloshes
-Coffee with the Kinky (it was noted that between 60 and 70 people attended the last coffee)
-Whip Demo @ Gynan’s house
-Business card and banners: the board purchased two banners for use at IKS events. One has just the logo and the other has the logo and “Indianapolis Kink Society.” Business cards were purchased for the promotion of both Kinktoberfest, the event style party in October and another set of business cards to promote the sloshes and coffee. (It was noted that we will be purchasing new cards to promote the new schedule of sloshes, classes, and coffees.)
-Slave Auction at Klub Layden (now closed) as fundraiser
-St. Patrick’s Day Slosh with Demos
-Kept Sir Dennis’ toy bag since the last election. (His Amy Pond offered to return the bag to Sir Dennis.)
-Cinco de Mayo Slosh which included salsa contest
-Memorial Day Cookout/Party/Vendor Fair
-Pride 2014 (We distributed business cards, raised a good deal of money, and broke out our logo-only banner.)
-4th of July Cookout with the Falcons
-The board members attended all of the IMAS business meetings at MCL (between April and November) and a few special meetings in preparation for Red Black and Blue and Kinktoberfest parties.
-Co-organized RBB with IMAS.
-GLLA Pool Party (much improved with better food and tastier punch)
-Kinktoberfest (because the board is a bunch of bad asses who rock)
-IYG Donation with IMAS of $3,000

Finances with Gynan
-Gynan reported that even with all those events, and because of some of them, IKS has enough money to do it again. The Friday Slosh generated a good deal of money through the sale of Jell-O shots and raffle tickets.

IKS Donation to Bootblack Marta
-The group will be donating $200 to Marta to offset the cost of her travels as Great Lakes Bootblack, and with the special intention of sending her to San Jose to bring back another title. Marta has been an IKS member since the beginnings of the group and we honor and support her outstanding ambassadorship.

Upcoming Board Elections
-Election Date: April 27th
-Candidate List: Posted no later than March 27th
-Proxy Votes: Posted no later than March 27th

IKS Schedule Changes
-In 2015, IKS will have 4 to 5 events monthly. Impact play instruction will be a regular feature of the schedule and a variety of other demos will be scheduled to occur during the 2nd Friday Parties and 5th Monday Sloshes.

*1st Wednesday of the month—Impact Play Class at the 501 Tavern.
*2nd Friday of the month—Party Slosh (Potato) at the 501 Tavern
*4th Monday of the month—Slosh at the 501 Tavern with Lady Riggers beforehand at 7 p.m.
*Last Friday of the month—Coffee with the Kinky at Mo Joe’s Coffee, Michigan and Senate
*5th Monday of the month—5th Monday Slosh at the 501 Tavern

Pride Booth
-Parade and Festival are June 13th
-Gynan repaired the cost of booth is approx. $125 including parking pass. It will be an additional $75 to select the booth space. Ftb noted that another group made several hundred dollars when they were given a prime location, and this led to decision to pay the extra money to select the booth site. Pride Festival is requiring event insurance this year, which complicates our registration, but Gynan has messaged Festival organizers regarding our ability to participate. Alternatives to providing our own event insurance were discussed.
-What we will sell: Soda and water at prices mandated by the Festival.
-Volunteers! We need volunteers. It’s a very long day for the board and sometimes we need to use the rest room or have lunch or take a break or enjoy the Festival.

Cookouts and Other Fund Raising
-We will continue to do the July 4th, 501 sponsored cook out and are open to partnering with the Falcons for Memorial Day and Labor Day cookouts. We would like the 2nd Friday Party to self-sustain with proceeds from Jell-O shots, raffles, and silent auctions. Setting up an online funding account that people can donate to on a quarterly basis was also discussed.

Annual IKS Open Party at Unknown Hotel/Venue
-Hotel/Venue Ideas—various hotels that currently host events were discussed, such as the ones hosting Whosercon and Horror Hound. It was noted that a hotel with 400 rooms would offer the ability to take over the hotel for the weekend, thus allowing for hotel-wide, event-style rules. A prominent member of the community was suggested as a likely source for venue ideas. @Sea suggested finding hotel chains that are already hosting events in other cities as a likely place to start.

-Possible dates for future parties and ideas on themes were listed as agenda items, but possible venues were discussed at length.

-Shelving the LLC and looking at other options was discussed. The IKS board originally intended to model the relationship of the LLC to IKS on the structure of the IMAS board and their legal entity. However, for a variety of reasons both observed and supposed, it became clear that the liability of the LLC members in relation to an elected board with frequent personnel changes could prove more than anyone would want to take on. The current board is planning to form a separate LLC of our own, separate from IKS, for the purposes of renting out party equipment and throwing large event-style parties. We were asked why we felt we needed an LLC. The board had been looking at forming an LLC so that we could throw large, event-style parties that would require contractual agreement with the venue. The LLC would enter into the agreement instead of individual board members, who could be held personally liable.

-Volunteers! We will need volunteers to make a big open party happen, so be prepared to listen to us call for your participation.

The Friday Night Potato
-Issues—the board discussed the genesis of the potato landing on the second Friday. Tom, the bar owner offered the second Friday. We accepted. Because the relationship we have with the bar is special, we took care to avoid conflicts with other events at the bar (and in the larger community).

-Potato Party Committee for themes, décor and demos—a committee has been formed to ensure that the Friday slosh is a self-sustaining success that pulls enough money from Jell-O shots, silent auctions, and raffle sales to provide decorations and food for subsequent Friday parties.

-Planned Improvements to the Potato Party—to relieve congestion in the play area upstairs, it was suggested that the food be located downstairs for future events. The lock on the downstairs bathroom door should be fixed. It was suggested that a card table and seating be provided for Cards Against Humanity or poker or general socializing so as to draw people not engaged in or waiting for a scene away from the play areas. It was suggested that volunteers wear glow-stick wristbands to identify them as people to whom questions and concerns might be addressed. The demo for March will be Whippin’ with Walt.

Facebook Presence
-Sea volunteered to maintain the IKS Facebook page.

50 Shades Newbies
How to handle the mass of newbies expected was discussed with particular attention to the enculturation of newbies to generally accepted community rules. It was noted that managing the newbies will require teamwork from the entire group. Suggestions included:
-Consent talk before Potato Party
-Reading list sticky on the FL group page
-Vendors on Fridays
-Welcoming committee for newbies at Friday Coffee with the Kinky. Having a large tabletop decoration to designate the welcoming committee, such as a giant palm tree, was suggested. Gynan suggested a pink flamingo.