Indianapolis First Mr 501 Bear/cub Contest Held

INDIANAPOLIS – Congratulation to the winners of the Mr 501 Bear/cub contest, Diesel Fox won the title of Mr 501 Bear and Jeffrey Sifuentes won the title of Mr 501 cub.

Both Title Holders are looking forward to representing their community and the 501 Eagle over the next year while they travel and educate other communities about the Bear/cub dynamic.

The Title Holders are expected to attend all local Title Holder Events over the next year, participate in the Pride Parade and to educate those within the community about the Bear/cub subculture.

We would also like to congratulate 1st runner up for the cub contest Ethan Riley Hartman and 1st runner up for the Bear contest Myles McDonald.

This was the first Bear/cub contest to be held at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis but certainly won’t be the last according to Matt Grosebeck one of the producers for the Bear/cub contest. The contest was sponsored by Stoli Vodka and took place this past Friday and Saturday night, October 19th and 20th .

Matt Grosebeck and Jeffrey Callahan are the producers of the Bear/cub contest. While Matt and Jeffrey are both a part of the Leather Community they most strongly relate to the Bear/cub which is a subculture within the Leather Community. The purpose of the contest is to help support the 501 Eagle and to offer a chance for people in the community to learn more about the Bear/cub subculture.

Contestants for the cub contest were -Andrew Andreasen, Vaughn Cobb, Ethan Riley Hartman, Michael Miller, John David Patrick, Jason Winemaker and Jerry Sifuentes.

Contestants for the Bear contest were- Doug Carle- Myles McDonald, Jeffrey Sperber, Darrick Coleman, Diesel Fox and Vaughn Cobb

The contest consisted of introduction, a question and answer series on stage followed by the fantasy wear section of the contest. The contestants were scored in all three categories and a winner decided who will represent the Indiana Bear/cub community over the next year.

The judging panel for the Bear/cub contest consisted of three judges and one alternative judge as well as a tally master.

The cub contest judging panel consisted of – Micheal Richardson, Isaac Emerson, Frank Kirchner (President of Indianapolis Mirth and Girth) Sir Ernie was the alternate judge and Jim Ellison was acting tally master for the evening.

The Bear contest judging panel consisted of – Micheal Richardson, Mike Davis (President of the Midwest Bear Pack), Frank Kirchner (President of Indianapolis Mirth and Girth), Jim Ellison was the alternate judge and Greg Grote was acting tally master for the evening.

Producer Matt Grosebeck is looking forward to seeing the contest and the Bear/cub community grow in in numbers in the years to come, Matt is committed to reaching out to other Bear/cub communities in the Midwest in hopes of organizing a regional contest where all Bears/cubs can come together to meet, learn from and support each other while enjoying the camaraderie of the Bear/cub community.

Kent Allison and Scott Tyler were also in attendance Kent and Scott were the models for the Bear/cub poster.

A big shout out to Tom Vester and Margie Camden proprietors of the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis who has opened not only their doors to us but their hearts as well.