Indiana Munch-Terre Haute Munch, June 10

TERRE HAUTE — Indiana Munch-Terre Haute will have their next munch on June 10 in Terre Haute.

From the Fetlife post:

Okay, we made it through Mother’s Day and the end of school. We’re back on now! So come out, meet your fellow kinksters, and find out what’s going on.

We are still looking for a good venue for hosting local parties and small events. If you have ideas, please bring them. I mean, we all love driving to Indy to do anything at all -_-….

RSVP please!

TOPIC: we have some new folks around, so now might be a good time to talk about event etiquette and scene safety. There are some great play options in Indy for folks, and we want everyone to feel safe and confident attending them. If you’re old school for events, bring your expertise and advice!