Indiana Leather Club presents Candle Waxing, Feb. 20

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Leather Club will be hosting a dinner and demo on candle waxing at their February event at Santorini Greek Kitchen.

From their Fetlife post:

Everyone is invited to join Indiana Leather Club for their bi-monthly Dinner/Demo night at Santorini Greek Kitchen. Members, non-members, guests as long as you are at least 18 years of age.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 · 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Santorini Greek Kitchen
1419 E Prospect St, Indianapolis, 46203

We will meet for dinner at 6:30 pm and adjourn upstairs to the banquet room at 8:00 pm for the demo.

You are welcome to come for just the dinner, just the demo or both. The demo is free of cost and does not require a meal or drink purchase.

Topic: Candle Waxing
by Papa G – Secretary/Treasurer of Indiana Falcons
(his bio is too lengthy to post here)
(for anything else lengthy about Papa G, well you’ll have to ask him)

Tonight’s demonstration is a basic introduction to Candle Waxing or Wax Dripping BDSM Play which is totally different from Hot Waxing or Waxing BDSM Play. The most important difference between the two types of play is the stimulation aspect over any other aspect. Candle Waxing is more of a pinpoint stimulation over the broader application point of Hot Waxing where the main stimulation is the removal of the applied wax. Candle Waxing is a combined session for sensual massages and stimulating the pain sensory nerves of the body.

Tonight I will be showing you how most Candle Waxing preparation begins the stimulation of the Waxee (bottom, victim, sub, slave, boy, girl; your choice of designation – but remember that a Master, Mistress, Dom, top; again your choice of designation can also enjoy being a Waxee and not necessarily be a switch) through non-flammable Warm Oil Massage. We will then progress with the application of the “Dripping” Candle Wax. This process will be done by actually dripping candle wax and pouring a thin to thick steady stream of candle wax onto different parts/areas of the body. After your application session, the removal of the wax remaining on the body of the Waxee can be as sensual as the preparation; with another massage. The Waxer also gains pleasure and stimulation during these aspects of your session. I will be discussing both the Waxee’s and Waxer’s stimulation during each process.

I will gladly entertain questions and comments for myself and my “Vitim’s”; however, I do ask that you hold, write down, your questions until the demo is completed. This is for the safety of all parties participating in this demo. Please remember we are working with HOT candle wax and a live fire situation, which can result in painful burn if close attention is not given during the demonstration. That being said, I “Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during our demonstration.”