Indiana Bootblack 2018 creating anthology of leather erotica

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Bootblack 2018, Bootblack Cathy, is currently accepting submissions of leather themed erotic stories and poems to include in an anthology to help support her travel fund.

Authors agree to relinquish all rights to any work they submit. The stories and poems will be considered donations to her fundraising efforts. The book will be a limited print first edition handmade and bound in leather by Bootblack Cathy herself. Authors will be properly credited and listed by whatever name they give along with their location (city, state, province or region). There will be limited space in the book.

The exact number of submissions that will be included in the anthology will depend entirely upon the length of the various works. Cathy will serve as the editor and will make only needed corrections as are necessary to best preserve the integrity of the author’s written word. Preference will be given to stories and poems that focus on bootblacking, erotic bootblacking or which describe and celebrate leather in explicit detail. Submissions should be sent to before May 15, 2018. The book is planned for publication in June.

Submitted by Master LT