IMsL View Parties Across the Country

New IMsL LogoSAN JOSE – You may or may not have heard by now…but The Leather Journal is broadcasting IMsL to the IMsL and IMsBB Contestants hometowns LIVE for the first time ever…14 Cities, 3 Countries and 2 Continents! If this goes well it will change the game for me, gals n guys. I can’t tell you how bloody excited I am! Sorry but this year there is ONLY a Contestant Feed available so their family and friends who cannot afford to travel can view the event.

During the broadcast we will be displaying ‪#‎IMsL2015‬ tweets too…So don’t forget to tweet your support and get into the rotation!

Viewing Locations:
—San Diego, CA – Stomping Grounds –
—Dallas, TX – To be confirmed The Dallas Eagle Jeffrey Payne???
—Indanapolis, IN – FRIDAY
—Indanapolis, IN – SATURDAY
—Seattle, WA – Miss-Momma Kat Skezas-Hooks –
—South Africa – Jaco Lourens home.
—Toronto – Waiting on Details
—PDX – Waiting on confirmation of details
—Iowa – Blazing Saddle and Studio 13 –
—Oaklahoma City – Kalisiti
—Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Eagle

If anyone has information on parties in other cities, let The Leather Journal know!

Vonn Tramel