IMsL Seeks Volunteers for Seduction

New IMsL LogoSAN JOSE – Attention all the sexy people! IMsL 2015 is calling YOU! Volunteers of all kinds are needed to bring you *the* hottest show in IMsL history! We are seeking performers of all kinds! Are you a seasoned pro or a newly adventurous exhibitionist who wants to hit the stage for the first time? Acts of all types are needed, male/female, lap dances, private dancers and Strip Squad Dancers! It’s you that makes the show hot!

Not sure you want to get up on stage? We also need volunteers for other roles…ever wanted to be a pit boss? Well do we have a job for you! Maybe the flavor of a 1950’s cigarette girl is more your role, you are needed too beautiful. These are only a few examples of ways that you can help us put together a rocking good time for all involved.

If you are interested in performing, please visit the IMsL website at, and click on the Home drop down menu, Complete the Seduction application form and you will be contacted once we get all your information. Got questions or want to volunteer to work on Seduction, please email Tobin at and we can hook you up as soon as possible.

Together we can make Seduction 2015 explosive!!

Find your way to San Jose!

Via press release