Imperial Court of Cincinnati, Tristate Leather/Rubber Host Family Feud Fundraiser


Team Leather performs for the crowd. (Photos courtesy of Tri-State Leather)

CINCINNATI – It’s time to play…the family feud!  It’s the TriState Leather/Rubber family playing against the Imperial Court of Cincinnati! And now, here’s your host, Ms. TriState Leather Forever, Brooklyn Steele-Tate!

IMG_0013On Sunday, Jan. 12, a fundraiser was hosted for the PFLAG Scholarship Fund at On Broadway Bar in Cincinnati, OH.  Regional representatives were on hand to take place in the Leather vs Lace battle royale.  Team Leather included Dennis Wood, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2013; Ron Clemons, Producer of Mr. Tri-State Leather/Rubber/Puppy; Tom Wible, First Runner Up, Mr. Tri-State Leather 2013; Pup Vidhra, Ruff Pups CNKY; Pup Nuzz; and chosen members from the audience.  Representing Team Lace was Ginger Snap; Frieda Bang Kok; Lauren, PFLAG; and selected member of the audience.

The team losing each round was expected to entertain the audience, unless of course they wanted to bribe the winners.  In a wicked twist, the winning team could pay to require the losing team to perform!

A wonderful time was had by all in attendance but the real winner of the night was the PFLAG Scholarship Fund who received $667 in donations from the evening.  The Imperial Court of Cincinnati, TriState Leather/Rubber/Puppy, and PFLAG would like to thank their community for a wonderful evening and for their kindness and generosity.