“Immaculate” Party to Fundraise for Gay Youth

Immaculate Party MinneapolisMINNEAPOLIS – Do you remember when you first knew you were a part of the LBGT community? I know for myself it was at such a young age. I didn’t know what to do with myself let alone who to tell. I had seen plenty of people who had “come out” be tossed onto the streets with no one to help them. I knew at that point that I could have been just as easily another homeless youth. I knew from that point on I would do something to help organizations like YouthLink who are here to help any homeless youth regardless of race, creed, or sexual identification.

On March 21st 2015, I will be hosting a costumed/gear themed event called “Immaculate” This party has the theme of a White party (A party where you wear a costume with a theme of Radiance, or Divinity, commonly wearing white articles of clothing/gear.) The cover charge of 5$ will all be donated to YouthLink MN as away to say “Thank you for everything you are doing and continue to do”

Those who are familiar with the White/Black Parties of the coasts can guess this is one of two sister events. The next one will be in early/mid summer and will be the Black party or “Corruption” all proceeds for this event will be going to the Aliveness Project!

Ren Rushold