IML send-off for Mr. Fetish Jackhammer, Mr. Leather 64TEN

TJ (left) and Slade are two of three contestants representing Chicago at IML on Memorial Day weekend. (Photo by Daddy Tom)

CHICAGO — Jackhammer and leather store Leather 64TEN held an IML send-off for their contestants at Jackhammer on Saturday, May 13.

Slade Travis, Mr. Fetish Jackhammer 2017, and TJ Howard, Mr. Leather 64TEN 2017, will be two of three contestants representing Chicago at International Mr. Leather over Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was also TJ’s birthday and chances to give him spanking were offered for $5 for two swats with a paddle.

The send-off was hosted by the Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court of the Windy City. A silent auction was held to help raise money for both Slade’s and TJ’s efforts at IML. About $1,000 was raised during the party.

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