IML Rolls on in Chicago

The Pecs & Personality at IML (Photo by Brad Link)

The Pecs & Personality at IML (Photo by Brad Link)

CHICAGO – International Mr. Leather continued through Saturday with parties, a podcast and the Pecs & Personality segment.

Saturday was busy with parties for BLUF, bootblacks, the Women and Transgender Project of the LA&M, Chicago Hellfire Club, Onyx and more. The big news of the day was with CHC. The club, the oldest in Chicago and one of the oldest in the country, signed an agreement with the LA&M that gives the Archives the maintenance and preservation of all of the club’s records.

The Pecs & Personality portion was at the Park West up in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. And judging by the social media feed, some really off the wall questions were given to contestants.

Photos from yesterday below. All the photos are by Great Lakes Den photographers Ruff Wray and Brad Link.

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Sunday will have a showing of Age of Consent by the LA&M and Woof Camp for the pups, both at the Congress. But the big event will be the main contest tonight, with the contest start at 6 p.m. at the Harris Theatre at the northern edge of Grant Park. GLD will be live tweeting during the contest so stay tuned to Twitter to get the details as they happen.