IML 38 – Pecs and Personality

IML 2016 Market

The class of IML 38 at Pecs & Personality. (Photos by Brad Link)

CHICAGO — So it’s a Saturday night on Memorial Day weekend. what’s a puppy to do other than go check out 59 hot men in leather jockstraps and harnesses? These men have to answer a question that may embarrass the hell out of themselves or a judge or, who are we kidding make the entire audience break out in applause and laughter.

Questions asked ranged from political to campy and many had the entire crowd going. I mean, when Adam Henderson gets asked to pair a wine with Lenny Broberg (one of tonight’s emcees along with Thib Guicherd-Callin) and he responds with “a wine question: groundbreaking!”, you know you’re in for a real treat.

We saw contestants in high heels, thanks to those who came before like Jefferson Tugger from IML 37, who was personally thanked for paving the way tonight. We saw a pup on stage in a hood. We saw a variety of ages, ethnicity, and shapes; twinks and otters and bears, oh MY!

Some other amazing moments:

  • When Mr CMEN Richard Boehle was asked about his being kinky and railroad history and to describe a train to another enthusiast that would lure him in he said he would talk about the piston moving back and forth and the steam would build up until the whistle goes off!
  • Mr. Palm Springs Leather Chris Durbin was asked which crooner song would best describe International Mister Leather 2015 Patrick Smith? “Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon, sang perfectly!”
  • Mr. Minneapolis Eagle Russell Waisanen said that people would remember the color of his swimsuit which would probably be something like lime green then gave a huge girlish scream as a close second to the reason people would remember him if he lost his swimsuit.
  • Washington State Mr. Leather James Drew mentioned that he makes animal noises during sex and was told describe his scene with Dave Rhodes and Thib and make the animal noises that would be heard: This was followed by a 45 second burst of various farm animals ending in the greatest pig squeal ever. It was even better watching the ASL interpreter try to keep and sign what was happening during this!
  • Mr. Powerhouse Element Eclipse who’s dream job is to be a roller coaster designer was asked to describe his favorite sexual encounter in roller coaster terms: “I had to wear 6″ heels, because he had to be tall enough to ride that ride!”
  • Mr. Leatherman of Color Khalid El Bay was asked to invite one of the judges for dinner, what he would serve, and how served? “Jeff Gruenberger, and ME, because I’m a thick chocolate sexy bear, just need him to bring honey and Reese’s!”
  • Mr. Twin Cities Leather Emerson Kellogg entered the stage in Bob-the-Drag-Queen fashion “Purse First” carrying a bedazzled clutch in leather pride colors.
  • Oklahoma Mr. Leather Brett Baldwin was asked to describe a sex scene at “Trump’s Bathhouse”: best quote; Hillary Clinton arrives in her best leather pant suit carrying a flogger and when asked why she was here she replies, “Since it’s November, I’m here to make Trump my Bitch!”
  • Mr. Michigan Leather Brian Mailley was asked to use his ability to personally connect with people and get back to the hotel naked after someone had stolen his pants; if at a place like MAL, he wouldn’t worry at all, not a big deal. But if at a place like CLAW, where there arestricter rules, he’d have to find the right bear or two and make himself disappear in a bear sandwich.
  • Laird Leatherman Stephen Morgan was asked to pick one or two of the fellow contestants and how he would train them as a human pup. He chose Mr. Chicago Leather Todd Harris, because he doesn’t like pups who are well behaved and he would take him out on a leash and parade him around.
  • Mr. Eagle NY Q Ellis-Lee was asked, “One of the judges has made an appointment to sit in your chair; what design would you do in his hair?” Patrick Smith because he wants to shave his hair off because he’s so damn pretty and he wants to be prettier so he’d design it with “I HATE YOU”

These were just a few of the great moments from last night. Everybody was amazing in their various gear and the parade of men in jockstraps was a sight to behold. Best of luck to all the contestants!

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