IML 2016 Sunday – The big event

IML 2016

Early in the day at the vendor market at IML 2016. (Photos by Ruff Wray and Brad Link)

CHICAGO — Today is the day. The main event for International Mr. Leather is this evening at the Harris Theatre in Chicago’s Millennium Park at 6 p.m. Doors open at 5 and the buses start at 4.

The host hotel was packed to capacity on Saturday with the market and meetings. Out of all the parties and receptions, the most important one was the Women’s Leather History Program. This weekend marks its transition from project to a full-fledged program at the Leather Archives & Museum.

The pup romp likely had one of the biggest crowds, with the large Florentine Room at the Congress mobbed by pups and their fans. The pups got a treat when a guy dressed as a squirrel wandered into the pile. He lasted about 30 seconds until the costume was ripped to shreds. One pup was seen quite proudly holding the tail in his teeth.

If there were problems, it was actually with the facilities. The hotel AC systems seemed unable to keep up with the large crowds. The room where the Leather Archives is at stayed at 95 degrees and much of the hotel was not much cooler than the mid-80s outside.

Saturday also had the audience favorite Pecs & Personality portion of the contest. You can read our report on that in another post.

Sunday will be focused on the contest itself. There will be high cow and the Victory Party will be at the House of Blues in River North afterwards. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and breaking news on the contest.

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