IMAS October Munch

INDIANAPOLIS – IMAS is sponsoring it’s Munch that is open to the community and if you are 18 or older, you are invited!

The IMAS munch is a place to share ideas, to learn, to meet some people you haven’t met before, and to just have a great time. When you come in just ask for the IMAS group and since it is a family restaurant please dress appropriately and leave the toys in the car.

3rd Sunday of the month 6pm – 9pm
Grindstone Charley’s private meeting room
5822 Crawfordsville Road Indianapolis, Indiana

We encourage you to come and meet others in the lifestyle. It will be a relaxed social gathering of like-minded people, with a wide variety of ages, experiences, and interests. IMAS members will be in attendance to discuss our organization with any who wish to know more about us and what we stand for.

IMAS MISSION STATEMENT – IMAS (Indiana Masters and Slaves/Subs/Switches) is a private organization of individuals who are actively interested in BDSM activities. Upholding, Honor, Integrity, Trust and Honesty above all else, we have founded this organization upon the principals of tolerance, acceptance of diverse lifestyles and practices. We shall continuously strive to provide a safe, supportive, social and educational environment for people interested in alternative lifestyle practices, with a particular focus on educating community members and non-members about the many different possibilities within a consensual relationship.

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