IMAS announces new board

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis kink group IMAS held elections for their board last month and selected new officers.

The new board for IMAS is:

President: _JJB_ ( Jay)
duties include: Chief Executive Officer of the organization and shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization. The President will conduct and coordinate communications both within and outside of the organization. He or she shall be responsible for: media representation and press releases, responding to first contact for information, announcements, mailing list operations, all communications intended to represent the intentions of IMAS as a whole, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships with other groups.

Vice President: Toebob
duties include: shall assist the President in all affairs of the organization listed above and represent the organization in the absence of the President.

Treasurer: MasterScottIndy ( Scott )
duties include: shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the organization. He or she shall have custody of, and be responsible for, all funds and securities of the organization. He or she will deposit such funds in the name of the organization with the bank chosen by the organization, will keep books of account and records of the financial transactions of the organization, and will submit such reports as the Board of Officers may from time to time require.

Secretary: GoodBitch_of_North
duties include: custodian of all membership records. shall compose and distribute meeting agendas according to items brought before the Board for appropriate discussion at monthly meetings. He or she shall compose minutes of meetings and submit them to the Board for approval prior to the next monthly meeting where the full membership will have the opportunity to review, amend, or approve the minutes as written. The secretary will also compose minutes of Board proceedings when asked. The Secretary will be responsible for other organizational duties as assigned by the Board. The Secretary will not have Board voting rights.

Member at large: TheFrenchPeacock
duties include: shall be available to fulfill the duties of any other Officer in the event that circumstances prevent the elected Officer from fulfilling his duties. The At-Large Member will not automatically assume the title of the Officer for which he or she is filling in, but will only perform the duties as required until that Officer can resume his or her duties or until a Special Election is held to fill the position.

The board will stand until next year’s election.