Illinois Leather Family 2016 chosen in Chicago

Illinois Leather Family

The new Illinois Leather Family (from left): Trainer – Sir Krystoff, Puppy – Pup Scout, Ms Leather Pride – Sarah Sloane, and Leather Sir – Sir Shadi (Photo courtesy of Slade Travis)

CHICAGO – The new Illinois Leather Family was chosen at the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago on March 19. It was the first contest under the newly formed Illinois Leather Alliance.

The new titleholders are:

IL Puppy – Pup Scout
IL Trainer – Sir Krystoff 
IL Ms Leather Pride – Sarah Sloane
IL Leather Sir – Sir Shadi

The winners will go on to represent Illinois at the Great Lakes Leather Weekend in Indianapolis.

The contest also had a very successful weekend in fundraising, with more than $2,700 being raised for the travel fund.