ILLFP Holds Successful Fundraiser

CHICAGO – The Illinois Leather/Fetish Pride contest marked their move to President’s Day weekend with a great party and fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 12. It was a well attended celebration of their new date and some great fundraising.

As ILSb has moved their contest to Labor Day weekend, ILLFP decided to move their contest as well. Since the 2013 titleholders were already awarded in September of 2012, the producers had an opportunity to raise awareness of the contest. Touché of Chicago shared their normal Saturday Gear Night with ILLFP. The producers, Sir Bear and his partner Ron, and the current titleholders – Sir Jeff, Illinois Leather Sir 2013; Master Michael, Illinois Master 2013; and slave angie, Illinois slave 2013, were there.

Angel Velez, Mr. Chicago Leather 2012; Leslie Anderson, International Ms. Bootblak 1999; and Dean Ogren were seen in the crowd as well.

Lori Cannon of Vital Bridges brought two hot men to help her with the raffle for the evening. There were a lot of boots-to-balls tickets being sold by those two! Sir Jeff sold a great many of his (in)famous gummy shots. Sir Bear and Master Michael ran some live auctions of fun baskets, giving some lucky attendees toys if they got lucky, or “self help materials” (porn) if they went home alone. There were also some sweet treats – cupcakes, cookies and brownies – for sale.

Slave angie became the first solo femme bootblack in recent memory to be invited to go bootblack in the Club Room. This no doubt was prompted by the huge success of the IMsBB High Shine event of a few weeks earlier. She had a line of hot leathermen waiting to get their boots taken care of.

The evening wrapped up with a lucky contestant winning the 50/50 raffle from Vital Bridges and the bootblacking tips/gummy bear/auctions netted over $160 for the ILFP travel fund. Thanks to everyone who attended!