IKS Saturday Rope Intensive, Feb. 13 – Tickets and event are Live

INDIANAPOLIS – IKS is very excited to present Dorian and Fen for a Saturday rope intensive in February. Dorian will be teaching at our 2/12 party. He also will be our vendor that night. He will have a variety of sizes of jute and hemp as well as rope accessories. The Intensive is the next day, 2/13!!

The pricing structure for the intensive is listed on the Eventbrite. For the entire day it is $30 per person (+ Eventbrite Fees). The classes have an “a la carte” pricing structure of you only are interested in certain parts or have limited availability. This is very good pricing for the amount of class you will get compared to other intensives in the Midwest.


Dorian is a Michigan based rope enthusiast who shows his love and affection through sadism and edge play. He is a sadomasochistic switch who enjoys rigging, pressure points, whips and various other types of play. Safety is extremely important to him and he emphasizes safety information, communication, negotiation and R.A.C.K. in all of his classes.

He has an education background in linguistics and has 15 years of martial arts experience that he enjoys incorporating in scene. Dorian leads Rope Bite Grand Rapids and helps teach at Rope Bite Kalamazoo and Lansing Rope. When he is not teaching, he is making hand made jute, hemp and silk rope for customs orders.

Friday presentation and Party
Doriand and Fen will be presenting on pressure points for play, nerve safety. After the presentation and during the Saturday intensive, they will also be vending handmade jute and hemp rope, toys, accessories and adult coloring books.

Saturday Rope Intensive
11:00am- 1:00pm
Beginner- Building Blocks for Bondage

This class is geared towards basic safety information skill building. This class will also cover ties for sex bondage and bondage for dungeon play. This class will not focus on the single column tie but rather immediate building blocks to add to your play.

1:30pm- 2:30pm
Intermediate- Sadistic Connection

This is my favorite class that I teach because it is what I am most passionate about. The class will cover connecting through sadistic rope. In other words, showing your love, desire and respect for your partner through mutually assured destruction and reconstruction physically and mentally. There will be focus on rope handling, sadistic ties, full body incorporation and pressure points.

Advanced- Sadistic partials (Prereqs- basic tk, futomomo, knowledge of suspension)

This class looks to change your view on partial suspensions and show a few fun tricks and positions to add to your scenes through sadistic connection. There will be emphasis on seminawa and various uses of uplines and inlines.

Indianapolis Kink Society