Indianapolis Kink Society Rope Night – July SPECIAL Edition, July 20

Indianapolis Kink Society, IKSINDIANAPOLIS — This month we are beyond pleased to offer a class. @Suki & @DeweyX are joining us so Suki can teach her Advanced Rope Bottoming Class!!!

Class Description

Advanced Rope Bottoming
In this demo based class we’ll cover some tips and tricks for bottoming in challenging ties, both on the floor and in the air. We will go in-depth into physical preparation, negotiation and communication, rope and body mechanics, breathing, pain management, and aftercare.

Suki’s Bio

Suki has been into kink her entire adult life, and an active member of the public community since 2009. Her primary passion is Japanese style rope bondage, whether it is being tied, teaching, tying, or performing. She was a co-founder and collective member of Indy Rope Group, and has presented on rope and other kinky topics for various regional groups over the years. An aspiring aerialist, she can be found hanging around Indianapolis via rope and other apparatuses, or creating through design, photography, fabric, or the written word.

Come out and spend the evening with IKS, as LMS and urhotness host a night of sharing our joy of rope. The format is free flowing with no formal instruction. Groups, pairs, and individuals are all welcome. All experience levels are encouraged to attend, and we want everyone to contribute to the excitement and fun that this event brings. IKS is all inclusive and our events are open to individuals of any race, gender, sexuality and kink identity. Tops, bottoms, riggers, bunnies, and any other “rope identities” are welcome!! Our venue for this event is for ages 21+.

A few notes :

No outside food or drink in the bar. Please tip our bartender well. @JackJuice takes great care of our group.

Shoes must be worn when not bottoming.

Clothing must be legal. Female nipples (archaic law), vagina, penis, anus must be covered at all times. We suggest tape or pasties for nipples.

This is not a “standard” IKS slosh. The focus of this event is meant to be rope. We prefer that our event not be a destination for those not interested in rope. This is not a slosh. With that being said, many people include other forms of kink with their rope. You should be prepared for the same type of kink activities that would occur at any of our events at this venue.

Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 20, 2016 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM  
501 Tavern

501 N College Ave, Indianapolis IN   @ map

Cost: Free – tip our bartender generously
Dress code: Bar legal. Keep your nips and bits covered