IKS Presents “Uniform Night” Nov. 13th

INDIANAPOLIS – Get ready for some officially naughty fun! IKS is proud to present Debaucherous Friday: “Uniform Night”, a night of kinky fun and depravity happening at 8 p.m. on November 13th at the 501 Eagle in downtown Indianapolis. There is a two dollar cover, and you must be 21 or over with a valid ID. Come dressed in your best uniform attire or sexy fetish wear (encouraged, but not required). This is your big chance to get your favorite uniform a little dirty, if you get my drift! Street legal dress code must be maintained at all times, and you must remain fully covered downstairs.

Enjoy our complimentary appetizer food table downstairs, stocked with all your favorite noms. Delicious snacks to fuel you up while you lay down the law.

Upstairs will feature kinky fun and revelry. Spankings, and beatings, and partying, oh my! There’s more fetish fun up here than you can shake a nightstick at! Whether you’re fulfilling someone’s bad-cop fantasy or indulging in some “special ops”, this is the place to be.

Make sure you don’t miss buying a shot from one of our sexy jello-shot servers. They will be offering up tasty goodness for only $1 per shot. Also, be sure to bring your pocket money for our awesome vendor of the month: Mr. Malaprop Design, who will be plying his wares for much of the evening. If you’re looking to lend some authority to your scene, these implements of ass destruction are sure to please.

Just a reminder: CONSENT IS THE SEXIEST THING YOU CAN BRING TO ANY PARTY. Clothing and costuming are not consent, so be sure to ask and receive explicit and enthusiastic permission before you touch anyone or anything.

Vendor – Mr. Malaprop Design
Parking Info

We have an amazing evening of fun and excitement in store for you.
Quick! Get your frisking in while you can! See you there

Fetlife Event Page:

Date & Time: Friday, November 13, 2015 · 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM  
501 Eagle

501 N College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46202   @ map

Cost: $2 cover plus your drinks and your generous tips
Dress code: Street legal, meaning all your naughty bits must be covered at all times.

Indianapolis Kink Society