IKS May 17 Open Board Meeting Agenda

INDIANAPOLIS — We, the IKS Board of Directors, sincerely apologize for the late notice of this event. According to the Bylaws, it is mandatory for IKS to have a quarterly open board meeting. Technically, we are to announce the event 30 days prior to the meeting. But, because we have fallen behind in scheduling a meeting, and we have new board members and several issues to discuss, we feel it is imperative to have an open meeting as soon as possible and that two weeks is reasonable notice.

Please feel free to post comments, questions, and other matters you would like to see the board address. However, issues will not be addressed by the board until the meeting is held.

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL – we understand there are deeply divided feelings in the community about some of these issues, and we will consider all points of view, IF they are presented in a civilized manner.

Personal attacks, outright or veiled, will be deleted without notice.


Indy Pride

IKS has shifted its presence from a vendor tent to a community tent. We will be located near the main stage area and be hosting a 10×10 tent space for our community members to congregate during pride. You are encouraged to bring camping chairs or blankets along with you.


The Board is currently scouting locations for hosting our free slosh events. The board has agreed that it is vital for IKS to continue having free Sloshes in addition to the IKS Party. Depending on the location we as a group may not have ability to continue having a space for play, and sloshes may only be a networking event.

This project is currently being lead by soulinpurgatory & Kinklivesmatter

4th Monday Munch

IKS has converted the 4th Monday Slosh into a Munch. This is to create more variety in the events IKS host and allow another event for outreach for those who are not 21+ and new to the community. The first Munch will be at Squealers on 86th Street at the northwest location near Zionsville Road, not in Castleton. IKS is still open to looking at the possibility of hosting our monthly munch at other popular munch locations such as Dale’s Family Restaurant and Grindstone Charley’s.

This project is currently being lead by Sketch & SirChia

IKS Monthly Party

After losing our event space we are looking to move our monthly IKS parties to a private event space . This space is not owned by IKS and our group will be renting the event space from the owner, as any local group will be welcome to do. This space may not become available for rental until after May 31.

IKS will only be hosting parties at the event space after it has been deemed up to code and inspected by the fire marshal.

The board will be reviewing IKS event rules to determine if they need to be altered for events in the new space.

Admission will most likely be a purchase through Eventbrite to help ensure that local individuals do not make their way into the event. A procedure to verify entrants as ticket holders needs to be established, as well as a way to identify that people have checked-in that will allow for easy identification of valid attendees for re-entry purposes. This will most likely be in the form of colored bracelets.

Due to IKS now paying for an event space we may have to raise the fee to get into the parties.

IKS Becoming an LLC

With the need to rent a space and the implementation of using Eventbrite for ticket sales to group events, this must be considered due to the paper trail those things will create. This change requires a majority vote by members and cannot be made the board itself.

An LLC requires the creation of a permanent board. The LLC board does not have to consist of current IKS board members. The LLC would handle the financial aspects of the group like maintaining a ledger, keeping up with governmental paperwork, and filing taxes. The IKS group board of directors would handle the day-to-day operations, like planning parties and other events.

Welcome Committee

The board wants to re-establish and re-define what the IKS Welcome Committee’s role is. Currently the Welcome Committee is designed as a group hosting 18+ events along the lines of “Welcome to Kink”. Volunteers are needed to make newcomers feel welcome and safe at events.


IKS need someone to teach a DM class and volunteers to DM at events.

IKS Open Board Meeting