They helped us, let’s help them – 5th Quarter fundraiser

INDIANAPOLIS — When we (IKS) lost the 501 as a venue for our parties, the 5th Quarter took us in and offered us a place where we could continue to play. They now are losing their place and we would like to help them in their efforts to relocate. To this end, we will be holding fundraising events at our March 10th party – IKS Debaucherous Friday: 1950’s Style.

We are asking for donations of items to be sold or auctioned, so if you have kink-related or unique items (or anything else you feel people may be willing to spend their hard-earned money on) that you are willing to part with, please let us know. Some ideas for what you might donate include toys (iLoveLamp will be providing some of his handcrafted paddles), fetish wear, BDSM related books, and collectibles. Gently used items are okay, if they are in good shape. Nothing broken, ripped, torn, stained, etc. will be accepted. In other words – Don’t donate junk! It will be trashed!

If you are skilled and well-known in the community, you could donate an “experience” – for example Kaa and Fynch are donating a private rope lesson or scene (public or private).

If you have something to donate, please contact @soulinpurgatory with a description of the item and what you feel it is worth (what you would reasonably pay for it yourself).

We will also be holding a raffle for gift bags filled with all sorts of fun stuff!

We hope to see you all there!

Party link