Help Us Pick a New Name!

All you need to do is look at what we have on the site to realize that The Chicago Den is a regional news source. We have the name Chicago Den simply because we were founded in Chicago and when we relaunched the site, we were largely focused on Chicago and its metro area. But times have changed.

Since we are getting more and more into true regional coverage with the site, we’re considering a name change. We cover the region and we want to reflect that. We’ve started a poll on our Facebook page asking your opinion on if we should change our name and what it should be. And we want you to participate.

Just go to the poll (!/questions/532412430114494/) and pick your favorite. You can vote for a new name or vote to keep the Chicago Den. As of this post, an old name of ours, Great Lakes Den, is in the lead. Other choices include Midwest Fetish, Midwest Den and The Den. To to the poll and pick you favorite! We’ll announce the winner next month!