Help protect our transgender community

CHICAGO — Many have asked how to help our trans friends during this time, so I have assembled a list of organizations that do trans-specific work, trying to focus on by and for the trans community orgs.


*These orgs are typically small and receive very little funding (a lot of funding winds up going to larger, LGBT-oriented orgs where the T is often lost), so they are powered by individual donors and some very small grants. They may have 1-2 paid staff members, if that. They all need money and they need volunteers.

RAD Remedy

This org does health and social service work. Their largest project is a database of trans-affirming providers, but they also do trans-affirming and specific health literature, among other things. If protections for trans folks are rolled back, finding a safe health and social service provider will become even more difficult and more important. You can donate, sign up to volunteer, and more at

Trans Lifeline

This is the trans-specific suicide hotline. All of their operators are volunteers and trans-identified. They have been drowning in calls the last few days and have not been able to answer all the calls coming in. Donate, volunteer at


*These orgs have more funding and bigger staff, but have so much work that more always helps

Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP)

These folks provide legal help to trans folks, specifically direct representation and advocacy around identity affirming legal services and special initiatives that focus on immigrants and prisoner rights. They are based in NY. Donate at

Sex Workers Outreach Project

Some of our most vulnerable community members engage in sex work as a means of employment. SWOP organizes and works to decriminalize sex work (which would significantly decrease vulnerability. Donate at

Third Wave Fund

This org is a grant making org that focuses on youth (under 35), minority-led organizations. They have two initiatives, one that invests in growing organizations through operational support (which is very difficult to find) and one that gives rapid-response grants in order to respond to direct action, community mobilization, and healing justice needs. Donate at

Trans Justice Funding Project

Another grant making org that gives grants to s mall and emerging organizations and initiatives. Donate at


I am only including one large org, because I generally think that the above need more support right now.


They do good work and they just lost a huge chunk of funding from the Gill Foundation because they refused to drop a trans bathroom case.

Read more about that here:

Donate here:

Lambda Legal

The largest and oldest nonprofit legal firm dedicated to LGBT civil rights in the country. They are currently co-counsel with the ACLU on that case mentioned above, and have also achieved many other landmark victories in LGBT legal decisions over a span of 43 years.