Help Mr. Chicago Leather 2005 Jeff Willoughby

CHICAGO — Jeff Willoughby is Mr. Chicago Leather 2005. He has been a longtime member of the Chicago community. He’s been a member of Men of ONYX/Midwest, educated, served as the administrator of the Leather Hall of Fame, acted as a judge at IML 2015, and has been a longtime emcee for the Mr. Midwest Rubber contest.

Jeff was in the hospital for 2 weeks in June. Jeff seemed to be doing well when he was released – even had a chance to emcee the Mr. Midwest Rubber contest. Over the next few days however, Jeff began feeling a bit under the weather again, and on July 20th, his partner/boy Stephen, had to take Jeff back at the hospital because of a constant high temperature. After he was examined, Jeff was admitted for observation. This was only to be an overnight stay, however Jeff had a severe and adverse reaction to medicine he was given, and began complaining about his skin burning and itching. He was then diagnosed with a rare condition called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. If you Google it, you can get an idea of how it happens and how severe this diagnosis can be. Jeff had developed a pretty severe case resulting in blistering all over his body.

After the diagnosis, Jeff was moved to a hospital that specialized in skin disorders, blisters and burns, where he spent nearly 8 weeks in an ICU ward recovering, with Stephen constantly by his side. In mid-October, Jeff was moved to an Acute Care Hospital on Chicago’s Westside where he will begin rehabilitation work. He is talking and engaging with visitors and getting better by the day. Finally, three and a half months after this begun, the report is that though there has been the occasional setback, Jeff is well on his way to better health. And while the prognosis is good, Jeff has a long, long road to recovery ahead of him.

This is where you come in! With all of this going on, Jeff & Stephen’s finances and funds are being depleted at a rapid rate. That is why members of the Leather Community have created this page to help raise funds for our brother-in-need. Jeff has been an outstanding member of the community for many years, and has given his heart and soul to us. Now it’s time for us to be there for him. Donate what you can.

Jeff sends his gratitude to all of you that have asked about him, and especially to those folks in Chicago who not only have sent him well wishes and prayers, but have been alongside him and Stephen every step of the way. He cannot wait to be back on his feet again so that he can give everyone one of his “Daddy Hugs”

Thanks everyone for your love and concern.

As of November 17, 2016, $945 of the $10,000 goal has been raised. We encourage you to donate what you can and share the GoFundMe page.