Heart of the Flag Federation Announces 2014 Community Awards

Toronto Bound HOFTTORONTO – The Board of Directors of the Heart of the Flag Federation today announced the recipients of the 2014 Community Awards. The awards were given out during the Toronto Bound festivities that also included an inaugural live auction benefiting Rainbow Railroad and Fireside Chats hosted by Douglas O’Keefe.

The Community Awards were given out at Toronto’s Club 120 on Sunday, February 15 to the following community members, in the following categories:

Woman of the Year – Andrea Zanin, Author, Activist, Educator and Co-executive producer of the Unholy Harvest

Man of the Year – Randy Boyd, President of Spearhead – Mr. Spearhead Ambassador 2013 and a member of HOTF

Youth of the Year – Jeremy Feist, a writer, comedian, co-founder of the Black Eagle Kennel Club and instructor of Kink 101 that is held monthly at the Black Eagle.

David Galbraith Award – Leslie J. Anderson International Ms Bootblack 1992, Leather Archivist for the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago, and Activist

Volunteer of the Year Award – D. Skeates, member of HOTF and archivist for Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives & Leather Archives & Museum

President’s Award – Greg McDowell, International Mr. Bootblack 2009, Bootblack Toronto 2009, Contests Coordinator for ICBB/BBT, ILSb/ICBB Board Member and former HOTF Board Member.

Toronto Bound’s Fireside Chats, hosted by Douglas O’Keefe, included on-stage interviews with boy-alex Dunlop, BBT 2006 and Duncan MacLachlan, MLT 1996. This inaugural event was well received by those in attendance. In their conversations with O’Keefe, both community icons addressed the need for community and mentorship in a vibrant LGTBQ community with a rich history that continues to change and develop.

On Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14, the HOTF Board hosted an inaugural live auction benefiting Rainbow Railroad. Founded in 2006, Rainbow Railroad helps LGBT people seeking safe haven from state enabled violence, murder or persecution. It has helped LGBT refugees by providing information and resources on seeking asylum in a safer country, and when funds permit, paying for airfare and other travel costs.

Special guest auctioneer Jo Arnone enthusiastically sold 78 lots, ranging from movie and live theatre tickets, leather accessories, massage and other lifestyle gift certificates and works of art. When the gavel made its final landing on the podium, approximately $8,042.00 was raised.

HOTF wishes to especially thank each of the individuals, organizations and businesses who donated items for the auction and to those who attended the weekend’s festivities.

Toronto Bound 2015 weekend was sponsored by our partners: Black Eagle Toronto, Northbound Leather, SSC Fund, O’Grady’s, ProudFM, Maddy & Greg, Pink Play Mags, Crews/Tangos, Mr.S.Leather.com, Woody’s, Inked Kenny Photography, Ne Design & Print, Club 120, and Cruiseline.

HOTF is the proud producer of Canada’s largest leather fundraising events. It produces: the Toronto Leather Pride Week, which includes: Leather Ball, Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms Leather Toronto and Toronto Puppy competitions & Leather Pride March in mid-August. HOTF also produces Toronto Bound in mid-February and many other diverse events throughout the year, while promoting the sexual diversities’ community and this city.

All of HOTF’s fundraising serves the community at large and Toronto’s sexual diversities’ community in particular. Each year the net proceeds of its events go to a beneficiary chosen by its titleholders. In addition, HOTF hosts scores of fundraisers, bar events and educational workshops throughout the community, including many where it welcomes out-of-town community groups.

Events attract men, women and trans* people from all over North America, Europe and beyond.

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