Heads Up: TNGC @ GD2 for Education

Starting in February, TNGC will be hosting their free monthly educational events at Galleria Domain 2. Their education is scheduled to take place between 6PM and 7:45PM and they have an exciting speaker and topic for their February slot — Sarah Sloane teaching Bottom’s Up.

TNGC opens their events, including education, to anyone 18-35 and their partners. We’re excited to provide TNGC a welcoming space to hold their educational events and hope that if you are in that age range you will come out to the class to see what a wonderful resource TNGC is to the Chicago community!

NOTE: This event will NOT be at the LA&M! It will be at GD2, open to the public.
Also note: Since GD2 opens for members at 8:00, we are moving the start of the event to 6:00 instead of our usual 7.

Find the event page here: https://fetlife.com/events/89331/v2

This class will be at GD2 instead of LA&M because, unfortunately, we can no longer host classes with demos at the LA&M for insurance reasons.

Sorry about the short notice, but it should be a great class!