Group pushing to roll back transgender policy

JACKSON COUNTY, Mich. — A national anti-LGBTQ group is working to roll back a school district’s policy allowing a transgender boy use the boy’s bathroom, a Detroit-area newspaper reported.

From Metro Weekly:

Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-gay group that is behind the bulk of challenges to pro-transgender policies in school districts throughout the nation, has raised the possibility of suing the Grass Lake School Board, in Jackson County, Mich., for allowing a transgender male student to use the boys’ bathroom.

The school district made the decision in order to conform with a December 2016 ruling from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld a lower court order preventing an Ohio school district from enforcing a policy that would have barred a transgender female from using the girls’ restroom.

In order to comply with that ruling while balancing out parental concerns over privacy and exposing students to people with different biological genitalia, the school district announced in August that it would begin building stalls with lockable doors around every urinal in all boys’ bathrooms in the district. The modifications would start at elementary schools in the district, and eventually trickle up to the district’s middle and high schools.

As with all other school districts across the nation, girls’ restrooms already have stalls with lockable doors.

Behind the scenes, ADF has been waging a stealth campaign designed to get residents of Grass Lake — and even some who don’t live in the community but oppose LGBTQ rights — to intimidate school board members into rescinding the policy.

According to Media Matters for America, activists on the ground working in coalition with ADF operatives had previously distributed fliers opposing the policy, and created both a Facebook page to organize themselves and a petition on calling for the reversal of the policy.