Group Profile: Think Kink

TERRE HAUTE – Kofi Annan said “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Recently formed Think Kink Terre Haute is a partner of a great munch group in Terre Haute and Think Kink’s goal is to bring in wonderful people to share their knowledge.

This group was formed on Dec. 27, 2014, and has 31 members as of this writing. Lead by PhDVoodoo and spankedbyVoodoo, the group is all about growing kink information and play. How is this going to achieved?  “By the wealth of information from a variety of information and presenters,” said PhDVoodoo. “The belief is there are wonderful people in the alternative lifestyle community with can contribute to the education and this group believes it offers something for everyone.”

I spoke with both leaders and ask them questions about themselves ranging from how long they been in the lifestyle, their leadership experience, to their philosophy.  PhDVoodoo responded with “been in the lifestyle 15 year of which the past thirteen been with my pig Lori aka spankedbyVoodoo.” PhDVoodoo goes on to tell me his leadership experiences.

“I have been involved in the community in Tampa, Fla., Seattle Wash., and now here in Terre Haute. I have found my leather family down in Louisville, Ky.” The philosophy of the leaders is the creation of a “sense of community is very important. We feel everyone is adults and can carry themselves like adults. We have tried to create a positive place in my home and hoping every that come brings a positive attitude. We can all learn from each other.” As for moving forward the leaders are hoping “that the group takes off and we can keep the group moving forward for years to come. I have met so many great people with so much good stuff to share.”

I am excited for this group and the local community members in Terre Haute, when pushed about the leadership I ask “Are your leaders appointed or do they have a term they serve?” If you ever read any of my writings you know I don’t believe group leaders should be appointed for life. The response was “this group is really is not about leadership. It is about partnership. With the presenters, the host and the guest. I want everyone to feel the group is theirs. This is not about an individual but rather about building the community and a safe place to get together to learn, socialist, and play.” I have always advocated the group leaders are an extension of the group they represent.

Think Kink has a terrific lineup of speakers for the coming year. Starting “Feb 21 Abraided and Gypsy speaking on mental S&M. April 18 Ms. Constance, First Lady of Louisville, will be presenting on Community. June 20 Frankie will be joining us for Needle play. Aug 15 BoyBrent Indiana Drummerboy 2001, Indiana Leatherboy 2006 will be speaking on Leather. Oct 17 in the works and Dec 12 in the works with announcements coming very soon.” The goal is to “bring good quality presenters into the area to share their experiences with us. We are trying to keep the material were most if not all of the presentations will work for almost everyone’s different interest. We are doing this every other month this year to see how things work out and we can tweak things next year if needed.”

The long term goal for Think Kink is “the hope this group takes off and we can keep the group moving forward for years to come. We have met so many great people with so much good stuff to share.” It always good to those who want to give back to the community they love. A lot of times we forget who much work, effort, and sacrifice is made to make this a reality. Lastly, I always ask my interviewee’s what is your favorite color and food. The response was “my favor colors black and blue and my favorite food is sushi.” In conclusion I wish Think Kink all the luck in the world. If you live near Terre Haute, Indiana check them out. If you happen have a profile on Fetlife check them out As always you can follow me on twitter @clubtabooevv. Next month I’ll feature another group and share our calendar for January.