Group Profile: Club Knivery

EVANSVILLE – “The pen is mightier than the sword. “ A look at Club Knivery

This quote is from Edward G Bulwer-Lytton and rings true in life, however in Club Knivery the opposite is true.  Club Knivery is an offspring of Club Taboo Evansville, so the name pays honor to the group. This is an open group to everyone on Fetlife with an emphasis of kink for sharp objects being used in play.

”The short term goal of Club Knivery is to bring awareness to edge play and although we are a smaller based community, there are edge players who do enjoy many attributes of this type of play. By making others aware, sharing skills such as safety protocols helps as well as the guidelines for safe edge plays” said Wylow, co-founder of the group.  As for the future goals, she states “I think it would be best if each local group could come together to help educate the community because we all embrace in our own way this lifestyle without judgment or sacrificing each groups identity.”

The philosophy of the group is to accept everyone’s kink/fetish in edge play even if their way may not be like mine or mimic it in any way. Wylow goes on to say she “embraces differences and learns as whole so she believes that the same acceptance she has the group should embrace and as a whole can develop and thus flourish.”

A little about the leader, Wylow. She got her Fetlife name based on her personality traits that she shares with the willow tree. She’s resilient in many areas of her life and drawn to water, also she has been involved in the lifestyle in some capacity for ten years. The best advice she has ever been given is that everyone has their own agenda, motives, as well as interest as to why they do the things they do or ask of you. These intents are not the purest intentions or out of kindness so weigh every request. She said this was a hard concept for me to grasp because “I was naive enough to believe everyone looks out for everyone and has good intentions. I will always look for the good and positive in people until they show me otherwise.” Her advice is, “Remember the toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow. It is always best to treat one another with respect, kindness, as you would wish them to be towards yourself.”

Some things you might not know about Wylow:

She was a vegetarian for over 15 years

She has been with Arcange1 as his submissive for almost 3 years now

She has been in this lifestyle for 10 years and been active in various local groups

She helped co-found and support the locals groups founded by Arcange1 and SilentButterfly

Wylow is very excited about the partnership Club Knivery has with Evansville community and in particular Club Taboo Evansville and the Evansville Events Calendar as these groups along with other local groups allows for different learning avenues as well as strategies to come into play for the members of the group. These other groups offer our members advice, help, and support. Currently they don’t hold munches or events this could change in the near future. They do support and go to Club Taboo Evansville events.

Lastly, do you feel a need for more organization in the local community? The short answer is absolutely. The best example I can give you is an example of a wheel. Think of the outside of the wheel as a local community. The different groups are the spokes of the wheel. Each offer support to the community and in the center is hub that holds the spokes in place. In our local community we have the wheel, the spokes, yet no hub. I would like to see this change.   What is your favorite color and food?  Blue is my favorite color and food is grilled salmon.