Great Times Ahead for SBK in 2013

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – I am sure you all have noticed I’ve been very busy lately, and that I have several projects up my sleeves. I am very excited about the New Year and all of the fun that will be had in 2013!!

SBK Munch – December 8th

This is NOT a munch you want to miss. We have a lot of fun things planned for this Holiday munch – most of which are surprises. Be sure you are there!! 🙂

New Munch Location

The Chinese restaurant has been incredibly good to use with their customer service and has allowed me free reign on what I’ve wanted to do. We will be switching venues in January to a location that I feel will be more private and have more general food. I also believe it will allow us more room for expansion as more and more people join in with the fun!

The Next Generation of Kink Group

SBK is also in the works of setting up a new group for those that are 35 and under. This will start in January – Stay tuned!! 🙂

Other Events for the SBK Munch group

I will also be working on other events through the year for SBK members, including demos, discussion groups, and parties.

South Bend Kink
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