Great Lakes Power Exchange competition held in Indy

From left to right: Lady Elsa, Sir Vick, Kevin, katie, Ms. Kendra. (Photo by Brett Peugh)

INDIANAPOLIS – Saturday, Aug. 27, was the 2016 Great Lakes Power Exchange competition held in conjunction with IMAS’s 2016 Red, Black and Blue annual event. Kevin and katie agreed to run a second year as there were no new contestants.

A mock judging was held to assist them in preparing for the 2017 International Power Exchange competition held the weekend of April 27 at Beyond Leather in Clearwater, FL. They had the following to say after the mock judging, “We had the Great Lakes Power Exchange title for 2016 (the last 10 months) and have been asked to hold the title for 2017, since nobody applied to compete. So it was also practice for us, since we will be returning to compete at the International Power Exchange competition at Beyond Leather. The judges’ comments will help us (hopefully) do a better job when we compete there.” They also released a statement:

“We are honored to again be serving the Great Lakes region as GLPE title-holders in 2017. Our mandate is to teach about and support Power Exchange (as a whole) and also to share information about our particular enactment: Executive Power Exchange. We appreciate this opportunity to share our passion for Power Exchange, personal growth, and relationship success. Our goal is to present at least once per month for our title year, as well as to attend and host events that let us meet people and provide support to the Power Exchange community. We already have a number of events on the schedule for the coming year, including the Master/slave Conference in September, and GLLA in October. Additionally, we hope to speak about Power Exchange to vanilla audiences, mental health professionals, and students – to expand awareness that PE is a legitimate, appropriate, and healthy relationship choice. If you wish to contact us, we are easily reached through”

Also participating in the mock judging was the 2016 Indiana Ms. Leather Pride titleholder, Sir Vick, as they prepared for the 2016 Great Lakes Leather Alliance competition being held the weekend of Oct. 13 in Indianapolis. They commented, “Having gone through this mock-judging experience has helped me build confidence for my upcoming title run for Great Lakes Ms. Leather Pride. I’m grateful to GLPE for allowing contestants from other title systems to participate, and to the judges for taking the time to give me their feedback.”

This was the first year that the Great Lakes Power Exchange competition was held as a separate event. Producer Lady Elsa had the following to say, “I am thrilled to be working with Ms. Kendra to produce Great Lakes Power Exchange. Having been half of the very first International Power Exchange couple in 2012, I have a great love of this title and its feeders, which are unique in the BDSM community. International Power Exchange provides a couple or triad of any power exchange dynamic the opportunity to travel, educate, grow, and role-model healthy power exchange internationally. It’s an amazing experience for the titleholders, and the work the titleholders do strengthens our entire community. I’m so pleased that Kevin and katie have agreed to carry the GLPE title forward and to return to IPE this spring.”